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Readers' Choice Awards 2022

In 2022, I art directed the Allure Readers' Choice awards. As a major brand tentpole, this consisted of concepting and creating the moodboards for the on model and product still life photoshoots, creating the overarching branding, collaborating with photographers on set, and designing the microsite and substantial graphic assets.

Digital Art Director: Ingrid Frahm

Senior Visual Editor: Lauren Brown

Associate Beauty Director: Sarah Kinonen

Front End Developer, Special Projects: Alexander Ratner

Model Shoot

Photography by David Ferrua 

Styled by Katerina Zolototrubova 

Hair by Seb Bascle 

Makeup by Tiziana Raimondo 

Nails by Marieke Bouillette 

Models: Britt @Elite Grace @Next

Winner Still Life + GIF Shoot

Photography by Chelsea Kyle
Prop Styling by Gozde Eker

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